Future Tense

The future tense indicates that the action will be done in the future time.

Look at the following examples:

  1. She will write a letter.
  2. I shall go to school.
  3. She will be writing a letter.

Kinds of future tense

There are four kinds of future tense.

  1. Future simple tense or Future Indefinite.
  2. Future continuous tense or Future progressive.
  3. Future perfect tense
  4. Future Perfect continuous tense

Future simple tense

The simple future tense is used to describe an action that will take place in future.

Future continuous tense

Futuret continuous tense is used to express a continued or an ongoing action in future.

Future perfect tense

Future perfect tense denotes that an action will be completed at some point of time in future.

Future perfect continuous tense

Future perfect continuous tense expresses an action that will have been going on at sometime in the future.

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