What is a prerposition?

A preposition is a word placed before a noun or a pronoun to denote its relation to some other word.


Simple prepositions

At, in, on, into, of, for, over, before, by, from, through, up, etc.

Compound prepositions

Inside, outside, between, towards, within, without, underneath, beneath, etc.

Participle prepositions

Including, regarding, considering, during, etc.

Phrase prepositions

By virtue of, in front of, with respect to, with reference to, in case of, in spite of, etc.


(At, in)

'At' is used with the names of small towns, villages, etc. While 'In' is used with city, country; as,

  1. I was born at a village but now i live in a city.

'At' is used to denote point of time while 'In' is used for a period of time; as,

  1. I have a meeting at 6 am.
  2. He will return in a few days.

(In, into)

'In' denotes rest within while 'Into' denotes motion inwards; as,

  1. He is in the room.
  2. she went into the house.

(Between, among)

'Between' is used for two things or persons while 'Among' is used for more than two; as,

  1. He was sitting between two girls.
  2. Divide these mangoes among ten boys.

(After, behind)

'After' generally refers to time while 'Behind' refers to place; as,

  1. He will go after an hour.
  2. She stood behind the tree.

(On, upon)

'On' is used for a things at rest, while 'Upon' generally denotes motion; as,

  1. He is sitting on the floor.
  2. The dog sprang upon the table.

(Beside, besides)

'Beside' means 'by the side of'; while 'Besides' means 'in addition to'; as,

  1. He was sitting beside me.
  2. Besides money, she wants shoes.

(Since, for)

'Since' is used for a point of time and 'For' is used to express period of time; as,

  1. He has been eating since morning.
  2. she has been sleeping for an hour.

(Ago, before)

'Ago' is used for past events while 'Before' is used in reference to two events; as,

  1. We came three days ago.
  2. The train had left before he reached the station.


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